This page is for the people who complain that I’m hard to buy for.

A. You don’t need to buy me anything

B. If you want to buy me something, it doesn’t have to be from this list

C. You REALLY don’t need to buy me anything.


There’s a few RPGs that I am interested in. Aside from ordering from Book Depository, you can pick up any of these from Tactics in the city or Quenda Games in Midland.

I’d love to get a dice tray. Something with a felt bottom that I can roll dice into :)

I am starting a D&D campaign. There’s a few books that I want to get.

There’s a couple of Pathfinder RPG books I’d love to get

There’s even some FFG Star Wars RPG book I’d love to have

There’s a couple of indie RPG titles that I’d love to get too:

Board Game Stuff

I love board games and I maintain an active wishlist here. There are some titles on this list that aren’t available yet. Also at Christmas each year I participate in a global Secret Santa thing which uses this wishlist.

Here’s some that I know you can pick up at Games World in Midland

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

These ones you’d need to check Quenda/Tactics for I think:


I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle and I’m trying to use it to get back into reading. An Amazon gift card would be very helpful in keeping me in books to read :)


Should you have won lotto and want to surprise me :)

Ultimate Collector Series Lego Sets

I want these and I didn’t buy them when they were available and now they are ridiculously expensive. In most cases there are smaller non-UCS sets of the same thing but I really want these insanely large versions.