This page is for the people who complain that I'm hard to buy for.

A. You don't need to buy me anything

B. If you want to buy me something, it doesn't have to be from this list

C. You REALLY don't need to buy me anything.


Board Game Stuff

I love board games and I maintain an active wishlist here. There are some titles on this list that aren't available yet. Also at Christmas each year I participate in a global Secret Santa thing which uses this wishlist.

There are some games that I already have that have a ton of expansions. These tend not to appear on my wishlist so they are safe.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures

I have a reasonable collection of X-Wing stuff. The beauty of this is that I can always have more :)


Brandon Sanderson

This guy finished the Wheel of Time series and has become one of my favorite authors.

  • Mitosis - A novella in The Reckoners series that takes place between Steelheart and Firefight (which I own and have read) Book Depository
  • Shadows of Self - Sequel to Alloy of Law and part of the Mistborn series Book Depository
  • Legion: Skin Deep - sequel to Legion Book Depository
  • The Bands of Mourning - sequel to Shadows of Self Book Depository
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - geeky sci-fi about 80s obsessed future Book Depository
  • Abaddons Gate by James S.A. Corey - book 3 in a space opera that I'm enjoying Book Depository
  • Ancilliary Justice by Ann Leckie - A warship trapped in a human body seeks revenge! Book Depository
  • The World of Ice and Fire - because more info about Game of Thrones until the next book comes is welcome Book Depository
  • The Martian by Andy Weir - Engineers In Space! Book Depository
  • Shift by Hugh Howey - Sequel to Wool (which I thoroughly enjoyed). What if you lived in a silo underground your whole life and were told the outside was destroyed? Book Depository


I need some geeky shirts.

See Mike Draw

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal



Some that I like from some site I found:


  • Star Wars Episode VII Star Destroyer BT Speaker - I've wanted a Bluetooth speaker for a while and this one is a Star Destroyer. A STAR DESTROYER! ThinkGeek

Should you have won lotto and want to surprise me :)

Ultimate Collector Series Lego Sets

I want these and I didn't buy them when they were available and now they are ridiculously expensive. In most cases there are smaller non-UCS sets of the same thing but I really want these insanely large versions.

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