...What Sundays Threw Up

Mondays is back with episode #70. Honestly I didn't think they'd have the stamina after the amazing episode #69. They won't ever let that play again. Stellar performances all around. Have a listen for:
  • What Carl has learned this week
  • Where Karen has been mysteriously marked
  • The harrowing story of one very brave little dog
  • The fantabulous contraptions of Richard the Toy Boy
If you haven't listened to Mondays before then check it out. This is what happens when a bunch of geeks get plastered in a recording studio with an Internet connection. Pure Juvenile Gold.

Ah well. I'm done. I start my new job next Monday so now I am just counting days. If I'm lucky, Mondays #71 will be up for me to listen to for my first day on the train.
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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