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I went to the .NET CoP Coffee today. It was a small crowd. Just myself, Dave Gardner and Hadley Willan. We had a pretty interesting conversation and a very nice coffee (actually I'm into Chai tea [Is that you spell it?] at the moment). I was introduced to it at police headquarters here in Perth but that is another story entirely.

At some stage I realized that our conversation sounded vaguely familiar and then I realized that this was because I read Hadley's blog. His blog is a part of the Perth I.T. bloggers network which was one of the first that I added into FeedDemon when I got up and running. It was a strange sensation because it made me feel more at ease with the conversation than I might otherwise have. Almost as if, this were a job interview and I had done my research beforehand.

I have had this sort of thing when posting comments on other peoples blogs, but these are normally people I know very well. People with whom I am in a position to be able to know what is going on in their lives without reading their blog.This was the first time that I had started a conversation with someone I had met in person only briefly, maybe twice before, but I felt that I knew him very well.

My primary interest is on the effects of technology on social interaction and human behavior and this phenomenon was one which was particularly interesting. The implications for how my kids will grow up is extremely exciting.

It is likely that they will have fairly immediate access to their role models and they will make many very close friends which they will never meet in person. And I will be an old man, too set in my ways to stop blogging.

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21 Mar, 2007 02:48 AM @ version 0

I almost came along, except I got my new laptop an hour before so I was "playing" :)

Should be there next week tho.

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