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Sep 26 2009

Synchronization != Backup

Richard wrote a good post about using Live Mesh with KeePass to make password management a breeze. I’ve been doing something similar for a while with OneNote (keeping all of my notes on all of my ...

Feb 10 2009

Western Digital makes me happy

Given Ayende's recent issues with a software vendor, I thought I'd share a story about a good experience that I had recently with a hardware vendor. When I was ready to install Windows Vista for ...

Jan 21 2009

Lightning Tour of Sydney

It seems like due to some mystical error I get to spend 13.5 hours in Sydney this Friday. Nine and a half of those hours I'll be at the Microsoft Offices and I'm banking on 1 hour in transit betwe...

Nov 19 2008

The Wii Solutions Centre

Our office social club purchased a Nintendo Wii last Friday. Members of the social club (which costs $10/month) may play any time that they are not otherwise working (i.e. Lunch-time, during a cof...

Nov 15 2008

Mind-expanding boredom-busters

I have lost this link a few times because I never remember which site it is on or what the title is so I'll leave it here: Award Annals - Honor roll: Scince Fiction Authors It is a list of 268 (...

Nov 14 2008

Cleaning up my bookshelf

Recently I've been cleaning out my bookshelf and getting rid of the stuff that I never open. If any of the following sound good to you and you are here in Perth then flick me an email and you can ...

Apr 13 2008

I Started A Webcomic

Well I looked around and there just wasn't enough. Seriously though, in January this year I joined the Church of LOTU (A "church" dedicated to rational thinking) and during a discussion with LOTUs...

Jan 29 2008

My new desktop background

I've been hunting around for a desktop background for the last few days and I finally put one together myself. I'm leaning away from the full-screen 3D rendering by really talented artists because...

Dec 31 2007


I was just reading Nick Hodge's New Year Resolutions and I was inspired to write my own.Spend more time with my family (Atomic and Extended). Life can be busy sometimes but these people matter to ...

Dec 1 2007

Sword and Laser

I have a confession to make. I am a big nerd. OK so now that I have that off of my chest I can reveal that I have just joined The Sword and Laser, the book club for sci-fi / fantasy nerds.I recent...