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May 27 2011

MVC3: Filter Order Redux

Two points that I didn’t mention before about the Filter class and how filters are ordered.

May 19 2011

MVC3: Filters

In the last MVC post we looked at Filter Providers but didn’t really describe what filters were.

May 11 2011


The final demo that I gave at the Perth .NET Community of Practice last week was creating a filter provider (code below).

May 6 2011

The Web Stack of Love

Thanks to everyone who attended my session at the Perth .NET Community of Practice last night.

Dec 8 2009

Develop by Ozmosis

Last Thursday I presented in the Perth .NET Community of Practice December DevJam event. I won 1st place potentially by pulling the sympathy vote as apparently I looked pretty much how I felt whic...

Jun 21 2008


Buying a house and dealing with various horrible sicknesses in a wide variety of family members is a great way to use up all of your spare time. That why I build my MVC applications with MvcSuppor...

Apr 11 2008

MVC Storefront

If you haven't seen it Rob Conery has been putting together a screen-cast series called MVC Storefront. The project has a few purposes which includes Building a real MVC application (an e-comm...

Mar 6 2008


Well MIX has snuck up me since ScottGu announced the next MVC CTP. While I've been busy with influenza and having my kids head stitched back on (well that's what he's telling all the girls anyway)...

Feb 20 2008

My ASP.NET MVC Presentation Materials

I've been a bit slack in getting this material up. In the zip file is all of the demo code I showed at the presentation, the dodgy diagrams, and the powerpoint deck.A gentle introduction to ASP.NE...

Feb 13 2008

ScottGu throws a new MVC CTP into the MIX

Scott Guthrie announced today that the next drop of the ASP.NET MVC framework will be made available at MIX08 in a few weeks. It is well worth reading the whole post because Scott then goes into d...

Feb 9 2008

Thatsa tasty design pattern

Last Thursday morning I was on the train coming into the city and I was rehearsing my presentation on ASP.NET MVC. This works out well because I travel for an hour each way (each day) and the time...