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Oct 8 2008

SideHoff FTW

Now that the Devsta competition is finally over we can reveal just what we have been working on the whole time. Introducing: SideHoff SideHoff is a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget which displays...

Oct 7 2008

Devsta D-Day: Tag. You’re it

Well, we finally managed to get our submission for Devsta in. It’s 20 passed four in the morning so I’m just going to link to our submission page for now and I’ll write a real post about it tomorr...

Oct 3 2008

Devsta Day 4: Codeapalooza

As I write this I’m sitting in Jarreds lounge room. We figured that we were falling a little behind so we organized to spend some time in each others company whilst we code so we can keep each oth...

Oct 1 2008

Devsta Day 2: Memos to self

Going to sleep before it is time to get up is generally considered “best practice” ** After just 4 hours of doing spherical geometry I understand where the Flat-Earthers are coming from. It ...

Sep 30 2008

Devsta Day 1: Collaboration, WCF and Windows Mobile

Update: I told you if I badgered Jarred he'd start blogging. It turns out that the networking with Mobile Device Emulator is a pain to get right as he's having issues too. I'm just jealous because...

Sep 24 2008

Have you got what it takes to be a devsta?

Updated: MIX09 is in Las Vegas not LA :)Microsoft Australia is running a programming competition called Devsta {Challenge 2008} and the grand prize includes a trip for 2 to Las Vegas for MIX09.I'm...

Mar 19 2008

You're my Hero

Today was the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here 2008 Launch event in Perth. It kinda snuck up on me, I was meant to blog about it a bit before. Ah well, c'est la vie.Microsoft has been particularly amb...

Dec 10 2007


How many TLAs is that? The Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview has been released. This includes the CTP of the Model-View-Controller framework which I personally have been looking forward to....

Nov 5 2007

.NET 3.5 hits the wall

I was just thinking to myself the other day, "You know what .NET is sorely lacking? A huge poster showing me all of the classes I might like to use." Well no longer.Paul Andrew (or Andrew Paul, tw...

Apr 17 2007

Will the earth be bathed in Silverlight?

Microsoft's announcement of the new Silverlight technology yesterday sparked quite a debate in the office. Silverlight is the new name for the project which was previously referred to as WPF/E. Ou...