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Oct 23 2008

Linq Repositories, Lifetime Manaqement and Unity

A while back I posted about the MvcSupportFacility and alluded to a future post about abstracting away LinqToSql so that your application doesn’t need to be aware that it is talking to LinqToSql a...

Apr 11 2008

Pipe and Filters, Fluent APIs and LINQ to SQL

Ayende issued a challenge the other day which is becoming the new Enterprise FizzBuzz. The challenges runs roughly like this: build a command-line interface for retrieving a list (the first 10) of...

Mar 10 2008

The missing LINQ (Part 1)

I had a plan. The plan was to write an ASP.NET MVC application in my spare time and to blog about it as I went. I would use the opportunity to learn about some crazy new frameworks and just genera...