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Jun 2 2009

we have no class (a personal journey of not learning OO)

Disclaimer – this is a commentary about the state of the industry not about my specific place of employment. If it were, I’d have quit and found another job already. I haven’t, therefore it isn’t....

May 14 2008

Masticate and Cogitate

If you're anything like me, you're passionate about programming. So passionate that you try and make other people around you as interested in programming as you are. Some days it can be frustratin...

Apr 14 2008

From David Hayden - Free Training on ASP.NET MVC

 Free Training on ASP.NET MVC - ASP.NET Dynamic Data - Entity Framework - ADO.NET Data Services Free training rules. I've just installed it and I am having a look at the MVC stuff. It seems...

Apr 19 2007

Broaden your horizons

I was just writing a comment on a post over at CompSci Canada* when I realised that it was well beyond comment length and had drifted a little off topic anyway. For that reason it has become a new...