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Jan 12 2008

Getting started with Crank: Linking Entities

Note: this is part 2 of Getting started with Crank. In the first part we explored Entities and Attributes. We saw Entity grouping with the comma operator, Attribute optionality, Key Attributes and...

Jan 5 2008

Getting started with Crank: Entities and Attributes

As the latest release of Crank is a complete rewrite now seems like a good time to write a tutorial on how to use it. Before we get started, go to the release page and download the Crank-0.3-bin. ...

Jan 5 2008

Crank gets a rewrite

My Open Source Project Crank has just reached version 0.3. This version is a complete architectural rewrite and now requires .NET 3.5. New features includeLink OptionalityForeign Primary Key Attri...

Dec 1 2007

Crank v0.2

Earlier this week Crank made it's second release. If you missed it Crank, a tool for rapid prototyping of data models, launched a couple of weeks ago.New features include Optional and Required mo...

Nov 12 2007

Open Source Project: Crank

After reading The ASP.NET Anthology I was inspired to try out SubSonic. I liked it but I didn't have a data model just lying around to play with. I could get massive productivity gains once I had ...