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Jun 18 2009

CCD Red Degree Retrospective

Before I get back into the Clean Code Developer series of posts here is a quick recap of the Red Band.

Jun 2 2009

we have no class (a personal journey of not learning OO)

Disclaimer – this is a commentary about the state of the industry not about my specific place of employment. If it were, I’d have quit and found another job already. I haven’t, therefore it isn’t....

Mar 25 2009

CCD Red Degree Principle - Keep it simple, Stupid (KISS)

The last principle in the Red Degree is the also the one that I struggle the most with. Keep it simple Stupid (KISS) is an old saying and it is good advice in a number of situations. It basically ...

Mar 9 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Apply Simple Refactorings

Refactoring is a term that was popularised by Martin Fowler in his book Refactoring: Improving the Design of existing Code. To Refactor a piece of code you make changes to it which improve it but ...

Mar 9 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - Beware of Optimizations!

Have you ever written some code that you suspected was inefficient? How about code that was ridiculously efficient but difficult to understand? Knuth (or possibly Hoare or Djikstra) once stated th...

Feb 24 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - Root Cause Analysis

I received a package today that contained 6 coloured rubber-bands courtesy of the guys at It felt bad to shake out the contents of that bag and still be putting on ...

Feb 8 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Version Control

A few years back I was working in a shop that was producing software but was not really a software shop. We were a communications studio (which is like being a marketing firm but broader in scope)...

Feb 2 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - The Boy Scout Rule

Writing clean code the first time just isn't enough. You have to work to maintain that cleanliness. The Boy Scouts of America have a rule that we can borrow and apply to software engineering. It s...

Jan 27 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Daily Reflection

The first Practice of the Red Degree is also one of the most important in the whole Clean Code Developer system. It is the practice of Daily Reflection. If you intend to succeed at anything you ne...

Jan 21 2009

CCD Red Degree Principle - Staying DRY

The first Clean Code Developer Red Grade Principle is DRY. I first saw the DRY principle stated in the book The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yo...

Jan 19 2009

Clean Code Developer Grades - Black Degree

All in all it took me 10 years to earn my Computer Science degree. I am very glad that I did it but I am sad to say that I learned only a few things that would help me to write production quality ...