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Dec 8 2009

Develop by Ozmosis

Last Thursday I presented in the Perth .NET Community of Practice December DevJam event. I won 1st place potentially by pulling the sympathy vote as apparently I looked pretty much how I felt whic...

May 17 2009

BDD has me out of my Gourd with NGourd

As it seems that there is a buzz generating around NGourd on Twitter I figured I really should write a blog post about it. A few weeks ago there was an OzVAN session on Behaviour Driven Developmen...

Feb 13 2009

Master of all I can see. At least on this page

Have you ever needed to get access to every control in a page hierarchy when using ASP.NET. I have. In fact, I need to do this a lot. I got a little sick of rewriting the same bit of code over and...

Jan 13 2009

Petition to have Copy and Paste removed from Visual Studio

Well, it's a new year and I have several crazy projects planned for 2009. Crazy Project #1 is well underway and I hope to be able to say more about it soon. Watch this space. With the new year, th...

Nov 19 2008

C# 3.0 Feature of the Day: Dictionary Initialisation

Today I found myself needing to write a simple property that scrapes all of the values off of the form and returns them as a dictionary (keyed by the field name). Here is the C# 2.0 way of doing t...

Nov 10 2008

Unity v1.2 - Now with method interception

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the latest Unity release (1.2) has facilities for doing method-level inception so I decided to have a play. If you haven't seen it before, method-level interc...

Oct 29 2008

Simple MVP with generics

After a harrowing experience with a complicated web framework (WCSF**) I have recently been through the process of helping people to understand a simple form of the Model View Presenter pattern in...

Oct 23 2008

Linq Repositories, Lifetime Manaqement and Unity

A while back I posted about the MvcSupportFacility and alluded to a future post about abstracting away LinqToSql so that your application doesn’t need to be aware that it is talking to LinqToSql a...

Oct 8 2008

SideHoff FTW

Now that the Devsta competition is finally over we can reveal just what we have been working on the whole time. Introducing: SideHoff SideHoff is a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget which displays...

Oct 3 2008

Devsta Day 4: Codeapalooza

As I write this I’m sitting in Jarreds lounge room. We figured that we were falling a little behind so we organized to spend some time in each others company whilst we code so we can keep each oth...

Oct 1 2008

Devsta Day 2: Memos to self

Going to sleep before it is time to get up is generally considered “best practice” ** After just 4 hours of doing spherical geometry I understand where the Flat-Earthers are coming from. It ...

Sep 30 2008

Devsta Day 1: Collaboration, WCF and Windows Mobile

Update: I told you if I badgered Jarred he'd start blogging. It turns out that the networking with Mobile Device Emulator is a pain to get right as he's having issues too. I'm just jealous because...

Sep 24 2008

Have you got what it takes to be a devsta?

Updated: MIX09 is in Las Vegas not LA :)Microsoft Australia is running a programming competition called Devsta {Challenge 2008} and the grand prize includes a trip for 2 to Las Vegas for MIX09.I'm...

Jul 4 2008

Heroes Happened Here

I just dropped a zip file on SkyDrive which contains the solution from my session last night at the Perth .NET Community of Practice Heroes Happen Launch.What's New in C# 3.0There were no slides a...

Jun 21 2008


Buying a house and dealing with various horrible sicknesses in a wide variety of family members is a great way to use up all of your spare time. That why I build my MVC applications with MvcSuppor...

Apr 14 2008

From David Hayden - Free Training on ASP.NET MVC

 Free Training on ASP.NET MVC - ASP.NET Dynamic Data - Entity Framework - ADO.NET Data Services Free training rules. I've just installed it and I am having a look at the MVC stuff. It seems...

Apr 11 2008

MVC Storefront

If you haven't seen it Rob Conery has been putting together a screen-cast series called MVC Storefront. The project has a few purposes which includes Building a real MVC application (an e-comm...

Apr 11 2008

Pipe and Filters, Fluent APIs and LINQ to SQL

Ayende issued a challenge the other day which is becoming the new Enterprise FizzBuzz. The challenges runs roughly like this: build a command-line interface for retrieving a list (the first 10) of...

Mar 10 2008

The missing LINQ (Part 1)

I had a plan. The plan was to write an ASP.NET MVC application in my spare time and to blog about it as I went. I would use the opportunity to learn about some crazy new frameworks and just genera...

Mar 6 2008


Well MIX has snuck up me since ScottGu announced the next MVC CTP. While I've been busy with influenza and having my kids head stitched back on (well that's what he's telling all the girls anyway)...

Feb 20 2008

My ASP.NET MVC Presentation Materials

I've been a bit slack in getting this material up. In the zip file is all of the demo code I showed at the presentation, the dodgy diagrams, and the powerpoint deck.A gentle introduction to ASP.NE...

Feb 13 2008

ScottGu throws a new MVC CTP into the MIX

Scott Guthrie announced today that the next drop of the ASP.NET MVC framework will be made available at MIX08 in a few weeks. It is well worth reading the whole post because Scott then goes into d...

Feb 9 2008

Official ASP.NET Wiki Launches

I happened to be up at 3am this morning and I noticed Scott Hanselman left a message on twitter talking about the imminent launch of the official ASP.NET Wiki. I was naturally intrigued so I hung ...

Feb 7 2008

I want my MVC

I just had a Dire Straits flashback with that title. Seriously though, I have had a few people ask me how to get stuck into the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework CTP (presumably in preparation for m...

Dec 10 2007


How many TLAs is that? The Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview has been released. This includes the CTP of the Model-View-Controller framework which I personally have been looking forward to....

Nov 12 2007

Open Source Project: Crank

After reading The ASP.NET Anthology I was inspired to try out SubSonic. I liked it but I didn't have a data model just lying around to play with. I could get massive productivity gains once I had ...

Nov 5 2007

.NET 3.5 hits the wall

I was just thinking to myself the other day, "You know what .NET is sorely lacking? A huge poster showing me all of the classes I might like to use." Well no longer.Paul Andrew (or Andrew Paul, tw...

Jun 28 2007

Open Source Bonanza

Wow. Yesterday Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror wrote a post indicating that he and Microsoft would be donating cash to the .NET Open Source Community. Since then 150 or so people have left comments r...

Jun 27 2007

The chain of giving starts with Microsoft

I was very interested to see this article today over at Coding Horror. As Jeff Atwood has decided to start advertising on his blog he is going to donate money to Open Source projects. Not only tha...