Stuff I couldn't live without

OK so Brian has pinged me with this thing so I guess I'd better respond. For a number of reasons I have been thinking about it all day.

Reason the 1st: I'm pretty sure I can't post a blog post from work. This is probably not true but I've been testing the edges of the security system a fair bit in my first month and I need the burns to heal.

Reason the 2nd: I (apparently like Brian) am incredibly materialistic. Seriously. Every time the kids touch something I own it brings a tear to my eye because I know that there is an even chance they'll destroy it. I've learned that anything I truly value is only safe out of the house.

But the things below are different. These are the things that if I lost one, I'd go out that night and get a replacement.

1) My Jacket - It's warm. It makes me appear bigger to predators. It's pockets on the go. It has everything. Plus I tend to keep everything important in it. When I get up in the morning I put my jacket on and I'm ready to face the day. I truly feel naked without it and I wear it 10 months of the year.
2) My Wedding Ring - Sounds sappy but if I lost it I'd freak out like crazy. It's a constant reminder of how lucky I am that I found someone who is willing to put up with me. All day. Every day. Until she dies ;)
3) My laptop. It may just be a Dell Inspiron 630m. It may have a dodgy DVD Drive and maybe the battery only lasts 10 minutes. But it's my first laptop and somehow the idea of not having a laptop no longer even occurs. Even if I am currently using it as a stylish iPod-like device.

There are other things which tend to upset me if I lose them but not so badly that I need to pull the house apart until I find them again. I'm sure I've forgotten important stuff like:

  • A wolf-pendant and chain my parents gave me when I turned 21
  • The ring my parents bought for me when I graduated
  • The watch my wife bought for me and the wolf dream-catcher deally she bought as her first gift to me

But these items are irreplaceable because I can never again have that same emotional response to them if replaced. Well that's my bit. I'm not going to flatter myself that this lot read all read my blog but I'm going to ping the following 5

  1. Annette - The sister of my wife is MY sister.
  2. Tony Targonski - First Bandwidth calculations I ever saw involving a Toyota.
  3. Mark Miller - for teaching me that you can be a respected professional and a raving lunatic at the same time. Wish he'd told me I should become a respected professional and then become a raving lunatic but there you have it.
  4. Ayende Rahien - RhinoMocks, NHibernate and Castle. Plus he reads Robert Jordan.
  5. Stephen Price - New Job, New Suit, New House. Go man, go! 

Ooh And this

Come on. I dare someone to tell me that life is worth living without a Lego replica of the Millennium Falcon. What I really want is one of these.

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30 Jul, 2007 05:18 AM @ version 0

You're rather lucky actually, I don't usually read this blog, just your other one. Lucky you gave me the heads up!

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