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The is an open letter to Microsoft regarding some feature requests in MS products. Before I begin I would like to advise all readers that I am in fact using Windows XP and not the new Windows Vista operating system. So here we go:

Virtual Desktops - Linux has been doing this since it's inception so it's not even a new technology that no-one knows about. If you've never been able to switch to a different desktop when doing a mental context-switch then you haven't lived. Try Virtual Dimension to see what I mean.

Don't allow a window to steal your cursor - Why did anyone ever think this was a good idea. The number of times I've been typing my password into a box somewhere only to have the last half of it appear in my Internet Explorer window which has just loaded. There are tools to fix this and none of them work properly. Fix it!

Add Hot-Key Management - If the OS is going to respond to hot keys like Windows-R for Run and Windows-D for show Desktop, why not add a Hot-Key manager to the OS. I'm using Win-Key but it's abandonware. Windows-I for internet? You bet.

Send To->Open Program - I would really love to be able to select from a list of already open programs to send a file to when I right-click on it.

The last one is not aimed at anyone in particular but at anyone who produces a software package that can open and save in different format. It would be really great if you could automate the process of Opening a file in one format and Saving it in another.

To get it pointed back at the OS for a moment, if it were possible to register potential extensions extensions that a software package can deal with in the OS then we could have another right-click menu option, "Convert To->". I cannot count the number of times that I have opened an image just so I can re save it in a different format. Or an excel file so I can convert into a CSV file.

If anyone has any more please leave a comment. If you're using Vista, let me know if any of the above are covered. It might be enough to convince me to make the switch.
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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07 May, 2007 01:09 PM @ version 0

A linux-hugging friend of mine has informed me that Virtual Desktops has been GPL'd. This makes me sigh.

Why is just about everything good GPL'd. How about, just not offering it guys. It would save everyone some time.

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