RunAs Radio

I've just finished listening to episode 2 of RunAs Radio. If you haven't heard of this new podcast, it's hosted by Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes and is a part of Carl Franklins Pwop Tech Empire.

The show is a half hour each week and is designed for I.T. Professionals. I'm not an I.T. Pro, but I work near them and my software no doubt annoys the crud out of them. I'm also addicted to learning so I've been tuning in.

Episode #1 featured Pat Hynds talking about enterprise storage solutions. This second episode is an interview with David Sengupta where they discuss information management strategies, particularly as they relate to email.

So congratulations to Richard and Greg on show two. If you've got a thirty minute drive (or bus ride) into work on Monday, I'd highly recommend giving it a listen. Episode 2 even gives yours truly an honorary mention.

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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