Here is a collection of projects that I have worked on over time

Still going

  • Where Am I is a Visual Studio 2010 plugin that adds full path in a toolbar at the bottom of the editor window.

  • Conventional aims to brings a standardized Assembly Scanning tool that is independent of IoC and other frameworks

  • Kata is a tool to help you practice C# TDD. It creates a new solution with an XUnit project in in, watches for changes, builds and tests whenever files are updated and produces notifications via Growl for Windows.


  • Ozmosis shows how to set up simple scaffolding for MVC2 apps. It is down to just adding a Model and everything is generated for you. Not robust enough for actual production usage but an interesting idea.

  • MEF Sandbox is a collection of simple console apps that show different capabilities of the Managed Extensibility Framework.

  • Enterprize FizzBuzz Code Golf is easy. How enterpisey can you be?

  • Codename Trevor is the name of an MVVM framework for WinForms based on Caliburn.Micro. The code is not yet available.


  • Crank is a tool for generating SQL DDL from a declarative DSL. The original impetus for this project was because I was using an ORM that generated stuff from the database but I still needed to painstakingly take care of database scripts. In a greenfields project this tool let me get up to speed very quickly and I still use the notation developed in my head (and in my notes) when developing databases today.

  • NGourd is a tool for bringing Cucumber-style BDD syntax to C# projects. There are more advanced tools for doing this now (like SpecFlow and StoryQ) but I still like the fact that this tool lets your feature scripts be completely plain text files outside of Visual Studio. Anyway, I don't use it at work so it has fallen by the wayside.

  • Task is a command-line environment automation tool based on MEF. I think this has been largely superceded by the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio


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