Here is a collection of projects that I have worked on over time

Still going

  • Forklift is a DSL and a command-line tool for extracting and importing data in SQL databases.

  • Verifi a simple verification engine for .NET

  • CoderMike.AutoFac.EasySettings is a module for Autofac that allows you to resolve Settings classes from AppSettings (or anywhere else technically)

  • Where Am I is a Visual Studio 2010 plugin that adds full path in a toolbar at the bottom of the editor window.

  • Conventional aims to brings a standardized Assembly Scanning tool that is independent of IoC and other frameworks

  • Kata is a tool to help you practice C# TDD. It creates a new solution with an XUnit project in in, watches for changes, builds and tests whenever files are updated and produces notifications via Growl for Windows.


  • Ozmosis shows how to set up simple scaffolding for MVC2 apps. It is down to just adding a Model and everything is generated for you. Not robust enough for actual production usage but an interesting idea.

  • MEF Sandbox is a collection of simple console apps that show different capabilities of the Managed Extensibility Framework.

  • Enterprize FizzBuzz Code Golf is easy. How enterpisey can you be?

  • Magical.Trevor is a convention-based MVVM framework for WinForms based on Caliburn.Micro.


  • Crank is a tool for generating SQL DDL from a declarative DSL. The original impetus for this project was because I was using an ORM that generated stuff from the database but I still needed to painstakingly take care of database scripts. In a greenfields project this tool let me get up to speed very quickly and I still use the notation developed in my head (and in my notes) when developing databases today.

  • NGourd is a tool for bringing Cucumber-style BDD syntax to C# projects. There are more advanced tools for doing this now (like SpecFlow and StoryQ) but I still like the fact that this tool lets your feature scripts be completely plain text files outside of Visual Studio. Anyway, I don't use it at work so it has fallen by the wayside.

  • Task is a command-line environment automation tool based on MEF. I think this has been largely superceded by the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio


01 Jun, 2011 02:34 AM @ version 1

Hi Mike,

Ive been thinking about writing my own extensions/plugins for Visual Studio 2010, do you know some good resources where I might start? Tutorials etc?

Cheers, Adam

01 Jun, 2011 06:36 AM @ version 1

Hi Adam,

For an overview of what you CAN do (and how to get started), Getting Started with Extending Visual Studio on MSDN is pretty good. This is from the Extending Visual Studio of MSDN.

I'd recommend reading the Extending the Editor on MSDN which has a bunch of tiny samples showing individual techniques for messing the editor window through MEF.

Then download and pour through some of the VSX code on MSDN Code Samples Gallery

Once you get a feel for Visual Studio Automation you can use the Package Manager Console to experiment with the effects of different calls which can really help to speed you up as well.

Hopefully that helps in getting started

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