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I listen to a lot of podcasts. I do it to learn. To wind down. To zone out. To have fun. I do it while I’m cleaning the house, doing the dishes, hanging up washing, sitting on the train. A few folks have asked me for recommendations so…

The Moth Podcast – If you only pick one podcast from this list it has to be The Moth. One episode per week, it is 10-20 minutes of true stories, told live on stage without notes. Nearly every episode evokes an emotional reaction for me, making me laugh, cry or something in between.

For the .NET Developer

.NET Rocks – For a show with the initials DNR, these guys have been around for a long time (before there was a term for podcasting). Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell discuss the things you should know in the .NET world. They come out twice a week and tend to be about 50 minutes. The “Better Know a Framework” section really would be great as a standalone 5 minute podcast.

The Connected Show – Dimitry Lyalin and Peter Laudati discuss the happening in the .NET (and the Microsoft) developer world. These guys tend to have a good news/discussion section and an interview in each show. At the moment these are fortnightly to monthly and come in around an hour.

Deep Fried Bytes – Keith Elder and Chris (Woody) Woodruff talk chat with a guest for about half an hour about a particular subject. As a bonus you can find out what your heroes favourite deep fried food is.

Frankly Speaking – Michael (delic8genius) Kordahi and Andrew (Coatesy) Coates chat about what is going on in MS-Land down under. These guys are good fun and this is great way to stay up to date on local events and competitions and stuff.

Hanselminutes – No time for an explanation. You could be learning something. Hanselminutes is founded on the idea that it should not waste your time (something that other podcasts here are often guilty of). Scott Hanselman dispenses with the small talk and gets straight to asking important technical questions of his guests.

Herding Code – Commentary (round-table) discussion about the state of the industry from K. Scott Allen (OdeToCode), Kevin Dente, Scott Koon (Lazycoder) and Jon Galloway. If you can’t be bothered trawling mailing lists and reading blogs, these guys will probably talk about it anyway.

Talking Shop – Richard Banks interviews a guest. Focuses on the local (Australian) community so this is great way to meet the local talent.

For the other tech nerds

Buzz Out Loud – Want to know what is happening in the world of tech? Each weekday Molly Wood, Rafe Needleman and Jason Howell discuss the happenings of the tech world in a quick 40ish minute discussion. This is probably the only podcast that I always listen to on the day it arrives.

FLOSS Weekly – Leo LaPorte and Randal Schwartz interview people in the Open Source community. There’s recently been a fair bit of Jono Bacon on the show too. You’ve gotta love a show where they ask guests “so…vi or emacs?”

Software Engineering Radio – Software Engineering topics. Usually quite deep discussions. Great stuff.

Tech News Today – I’ll admit it, I followed Tom Merritt over from BOL. Only time will tell if I need two Tech News podcasts in my life but so far it seems so.

This Week in Google – Probably closer to say This Week in The Cloud but its the same thing these days anyway. Round table discussion with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani about all things Google (from GMail to Android to Chrome OS) and anything that’s going on in the cloud.

This Week in Tech – The week’s tech news discussed by Leo Laporte and whichever crazy tech wonks he can find. Sometimes intelligent discussion. Sometimes lunatic madness. You never know. Can get over two hours on occasion so this is definitely a Sunday afternoon deal for me.

Windows Weekly – What’s happening in the Microsoft world with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott.

For the Science Fiction Folks

Escape Pod – Don’t have time to read? Escape Pod is Science Fiction Short Stories read to you. Quality stuff.

Galactic Water Cooler – What started out as a BSG podcast turned into a “let’s discuss the awesome stuff in the world” podcast. Anything from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos to Iron Man (comics and film) to Oceans 11. The community is really great too.

Sword and Laser – The Science Fiction and Fantasy book club hosted by Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to read much lately (too many podcasts?) but I hope to get back into this one soon.

The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast – Luke Burrage reviews every science fiction book he reads as he reads them. Good stuff if you’re looking for something to read.

Just for Fun

CurrentGeek – Three times a week you get the geekiest stories on the internet discussed by Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt. As a bonus there is an hour long Current Geek Weekly that you get on the feed as well.

Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour – Dr Kirsten (Kiki) Sanford interviews people in the scientific community about all kinds of fascinating things.

East Meets West – Tom Merritt and Roger (or is that Robert) Chang discuss…whatever the heck they feel like. One week it might be politic, the next it’s Doctor Who.

Film Sack – Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbot, Brian Dunaway and Randy Jordan watch a film on Netflix Streaming and then rip it to shreds for an hour (or at least discuss it in some detail).

FourCast – Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson have two guests on and they predict the future. Normally in a kind of comical way but frequently serious discussion bleeds in at the edges.

The Onion Radio News – 30 seconds to a minute of madcap hilarity. If you need a quick laugh this is probably the place to look.

Others currently in my subscription list include StackOverflow (coming back sometime?), Geronimo Jacks Beard (finished?), LOSTCasts (finished?), Mondays (2 podcasts in over a year probably means finished but still full of awesome), NSFW (name says it all really), Pluralcast (haven’t heard enough to form an opinion yet), Slice of Sci-Fi (Ditto), StarShipSofa (what’s the trinary form of ditto?), The Lost Podcast (Probably not finished and incidentally the best Lost podcast around).

Did I miss any?

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03 Jun, 2010 06:31 PM @ version 0

Thanks for mentioning FLOSS Weekly. Yes, I get geeky sometimes when I interview the guests. (Emacs is my IDE, indeed.)

We've recently changed taping times, so Jono isn't able to make it any more, and Leo himself is now just a guest co-host, rotating in amongst the other half dozen co-hosts I'm now using.

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