One step forward and seven back

Well, I thought that I had figured it out. I ran the connection bit at work and it connected just fine. A-ha, perhaps the problem is being caused by my dial-up timing out. Oh well, I think to my self, I'm up and running now.

So what do I do, I write a nice post about how I'd got it all working and how I thought this was a much better way to write posts. Hit publish.



And it breaks. No wonder non-techies just log in to the website. I go googling again (or should it be live-ing) and it seems that there is a newer installer than the one I had downloaded. This is extremely annoying because I can't find a home page for the thing, only the blog. I hate it when software is released via blog. There needs to be one place that you can go and see all the available versions of a piece of software. It's fundamental.

Anywho, I've got that up and running. All things going well, the next post will come from offline somewhere.
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
Last revised: 27 May, 2011 02:42 PM History


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