OK. So what comes next?

Now that I have a blog (actually I have two), what am I going to write about? I've made a quick decision (just this moment), that this blog will be about the more technical aspects of my life and the other will be more about my personal life. I really want to run both at the same time and see what happens.

Recently I have been meeting up with the Perth .NET Community of Practice User Group which has been really cool. Finally, I am not the only one who thinks that C# is cool.

I've only been to one meeting so far but there has been a regular gathering for coffee too, which is just a great informal way to get to know people. This has been particularly advantageous for me because previously I didn't know anyone outside of the company I work for.

I don't actually have a topic for today. I haven't formed an opinion on the Google issue yet and when I do it'll be too late to add my voice to the billions of opinionated people out there.

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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