Official ASP.NET Wiki Launches

I happened to be up at 3am this morning and I noticed Scott Hanselman left a message on twitter talking about the imminent launch of the official ASP.NET Wiki. I was naturally intrigued so I hung around waiting for it to appear. Now that it has I am dead tired but it looks good.

You can find more at Scotts announcement post and find the real deal at

Wikis are great tools that benefit from audience participation so I encourage everyone to go and have a look. Check for technical errors, make comments, possibly add your content. I promise when I wake up to go and check it out.
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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09 Feb, 2008 03:51 AM @ version 0

Not a worry Scott, keep up the good work. I just hope that the community chips in and helps out.

09 Feb, 2008 03:43 AM @ version 0

Sorry I kept you up!

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