MVC Storefront

If you haven't seen it Rob Conery has been putting together a screen-cast series called MVC Storefront. The project has a few purposes which includes

  • Building a real MVC application (an e-commerce site)
  • Using some other current technologies (it looks like Rob plans to use LINQ to SQL and Unity but maybe not, we'll see)
  • Teaching Rob, and anyone else watching TDD practices
  • And generally inflaming the ALT.NET community into showing us all how it's done.

The videos, blogposts and commentary are at MVC Storefront and the code is available from the MVC Samples Codeplex site.

Remember if you don't like it, tell him to his face. Rob has been working very hard to make this a pretty open project and I personally am loving his approach. Even if he does have to cry himself to sleep at night.

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
Last revised: 27 May, 2011 02:42 PM History


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