If you only learn one new language this year...

Those who've known me for a while will recognize that I'm a bit of a language nerd. I wrote my first program in Amstrad BASIC, messed about with CP/M Assembly, taught myself Borlands TurboC, TurboC++, and TurboPascal. I write C# for a living, enjoy a bit of Prolog.NET and the occasional moment of F#. Gofer, Scheme, Haskell, LISP, OCaml, Delphi, QBASIC, Logo and Java. All of these languages have managed to occupy some of my brain at some point or another. (I got tired of linking to them but you get the idea)

In recent times a far more superior language has been gaining huge amounts of attention that I just didn't notice for some reason (probably time related). I think it got lost in the Silverlight announcements. We'd had IronPython for a while so maybe this announcement was inevitable.

Microsoft is definitely getting on the bandwagon this time. They aren't going to let a major movement on the web slip by and lose all of their alpha geeks to a sexier, more challenging toolset. In fact, I first heard about this awesome new project from a Microsoft representative at WebJam last night. Ever since I have been researching away, trying to become the best of the best.

I am of course talking about LOLCODE. I have seen the future and it is OMGWTF (ROFL). While the language itself is yet to undergo any kind of ECMA standardization (this is just a formality anyway right?) there are already plenty of "toolz" out their for the "l33t" to grab a hold of so that they can totally "p3wn the market".

I was lucky enough to get an alpha build of the .NET compiler and let me tell you, I need to unlearn many things. Here is my first attempt.


As you can see I'm really just writing C# code in a new language. I have yet to Grok the LOLCODE way of doing things. The tools are all pretty primitive at the moment but here I compile and then run the above program.


And just to prove that it is real .NET (I haven't used trick photography on FORTRAN code), here is the same awesome stuff in Reflector as this fantastic tool tries desperately hard to capture the essence of LOLnes into C#.


Not quite as easy to read I'm sure you'll agree. It seems that as the compiler is fairly experimental at the moment, many features listed in the current language spec are missing. Soon we will have access to branching statements (IZ VAR BIGR 10?) and looping construct (I AM IN YR LOOP). There are even rumors of an eventing mechanism (ON CATURDAY).

So get the toolz and get LOLCODING. R U L33T ENUF?


Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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21 Dec, 2010 02:37 PM @ version 0

I put my pants on, the same as everyone else in the morning.

14 Feb, 2008 02:24 PM @ version 0

Well, that's an interesting response to this post and to be honest one I wasn't expecting. The CD series which you have linked to, "The Rosetta Stone" is actually very good. For a short time I was using their software to teach myself Russian. If German doesn't work out then I can highly recommend Russian as a new language. Otherwise, auf wiedersehen, mein freund. Until we meet again.

14 Feb, 2008 02:16 PM @ version 0

Recently I began attempting to learn a new language online, just to have something else to put on my CV, and I was amazed how many different types of language cds there are available. In the end I decided to purchase some gear that would help me learn German and it has been amazing, I can’t believe how quickly I am picking it all up! Going to give Russian a go next!yqimwvn

19 Sep, 2007 08:45 PM @ version 0

LOLCODE is serious business. Maybe I can learn some teh-SQL for Data Access classes.

17 Aug, 2007 10:28 AM @ version 0

Fellas, fellas. I put my pants on, the same as everyone else in the morning. One leg at a time. The only difference is, once I've got my pants on, I write quality LOLCODE

17 Aug, 2007 06:31 AM @ version 0

Dude, you've just secured your title of l33t for years to come. You just need a little more cowbell.

Welcome to LOLCODE.


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