I want my MVC

I just had a Dire Straits flashback with that title. Seriously though, I have had a few people ask me how to get stuck into the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework CTP (presumably in preparation for my presentation tonight). Here is how I recommend going about it:

The best place to start is with Scott Guthries blog. In particular these posts

Which cover most of what I am going to cover tonight.

To round that out you might like to check out the blogs of Phil Haack and Rob Connery. These guys are both working on the project and have been covering the Unit Testing/Dependency Injection and UI Helpers Toolkit respectively. I will be showing some Unit Testing stuff but probably won't have time to get to the UI stuff (sorry Rob, next time)

There is a dnrTV episode on ASP.NET MVC which I still haven't got the direct link for http://www.dnrtv.com/
It is episode with 95 with Jeff Palermo who also has an Open Source project going to manage CodeCamps with an ASP.NET MVC application.

There is a standard del.icio.us tag http://del.icio.us/tag/aspnetmvc filled with ASp.NET MVC Goodness

And there is the excellent MVCContrib project being run by the community: http://mvccontrib.org/

If you want to actually get the stuff to play with you’ll need to go here: http://asp.net/downloads/3.5-extensions/

And finally, if you have any questions or need to report a bug (there are some), then you can check out the official ASP.NET MVC Forum: http://forums.asp.net/1146.aspx

That should keep you busy but if you're in Perth tonight you can come by the User Group meeting where I'll be presenting from 5:30-7:00pm. There will be dodgy diagrams, a story about a pizza shop and some real live working code-samples. Entry is free and I think that Mitch is giving away some goodies. There is also a rumor of food and drink floating around.

After tonight I'll try and figure out where I'm going to stick the code and then I'll update this post. Over the coming weeks expect to see more MVC stuff here.
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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