I Started A Webcomic

Well I looked around and there just wasn't enough. Seriously though, in January this year I joined the Church of LOTU (A "church" dedicated to rational thinking) and during a discussion with LOTUs founder, Cameron Reilly, he said this:

Do you ever stop to think about how many people lived and died, scratching out the most meager of living from the dirt, poor, huingry, all so you could be here today, living in the land of opportunity and freedom, in middle class luxury, doing white collar "work"? I often image I am having a conversation with 1000 of my direct ancestors, having to justify to them what I'm doing with this gift they have given me.

How do you find Inspiration and Meaning? Church of LOTU Tangler Forum

It left a profound impression on me and I started to imagine how I would justify myself if my great-great-great grandfather showed up while I was watching YouTube Videos. Out of this Me and the Old Man was born. I have pre-written quite a few so hopefully I can keep going for a while. I plan to put one up every weekend so look out for next weekend (I started with two this weekend). Here's the first:

The second is on the Me and the Old Man website.

P.S. Obviously I can't actually draw and so I'm using a tool to generate these comics. For the record the tool is Toonlet. To see comics with artistic talent, I recommend you check out Little Voices. Stephen's work is being featured on the Australian ReMix 08 site :)

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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14 Apr, 2008 09:27 AM @ version 0

i really like the fact that a so-called profound statement like that inspired to you write a comic :)

as to the comment itself; my personal goal, for a while, was to 'accomplish' something each day. [other then work]. then i realised 'relaxing' is accomplishing something too.

anyway, all the best with the comic. interestingly, i'm inspired to do one too :)

13 Apr, 2008 02:12 PM @ version 0

Heay! This is really cool tool... Hmmm Do you heard about ToonDoo, Comiqs?

check out. worthy to check once atleast


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