Ever wanted a game like Fantasy Football but without the Football? Check out the Fantasy Film Draft

Film Draft Rules

A Fantasy Film Draft is a competition where players pick which movies they think will make the most money over a season. Whoever made the most virtual money by the end of the agreed upon season is the winner. It's that easy!

OK. Here's how it works.

Firstly, we select a season. For a Summer season we use March-August. For a Winter season we use October-January. Winter seasons are usually smaller and shorter.

Next we select about 50 movies in that season.

Get 5-7 players (more requires more films). Each player pays $20 to join and in return they get 100 player pesos (PP) to invest.

A few weeks before the season starts you need to have an auction night. In release date order, each film is auctioned off. Players bid PP to try and own the films they think will make the most money. Only one player can own each movie.

It's a good idea to distribute the list of films before the auction otherwise you have to explain what each movie is before you auction it off.

At the end of the night each player should have a bunch of movies and each movie should be owned by exactly one player. Players should aim to use all of their PP during the auction as they aren't worth anything after the auction.

Each week at a regular time, the amount of domestic gross the film has made in the US box office is updated. The same source should be used each week for this. We use Box Office Mojo. A player's value is the sum of the value of all of her movies.

Once the last movie has been in the box office for 4 weekends (4 updates), the competition is over and the player with the highest overall value gets all of the cash that players paid to enter.

Random other rules:

  • Once the season starts new players cannot join (how would they get movies?)
  • Players may not trade films
  • In the case of a tie the prize is split evenly amongst the winning players
  • If a film is cancelled or moved outside of the season, a substitute film will be awarded by the organizers
  • Films may earn money as long as the season is open. This means that the first movies released can earn money for 6 months but the season closes after the last movie released has had 4 updates.

That's it! If you work with me I'm running a season for the office over the March-August season. Contact me to join in!

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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