Devsta Day 2: Memos to self

  • Going to sleep before it is time to get up is generally considered “best practice” **
  • After just 4 hours of doing spherical geometry I understand where the Flat-Earthers are coming from. It would truly make life a bit easier. Even the Discworld would be an acceptable compromise.
  • Working on a project in your “spare” time sucks when you have a tight deadline. Suddenly everything I need to do (like work, sleep, feeding my children, etc.) seems like it can be put off or ignored. It really can’t.
  • Test Driven Design is still awesome. WCF makes this even more true somehow.

** Best Practice: (n) A concept or process that most people talk about constantly but no-one truly believes or adheres to.

Given that we had a set of technology proofs, the time has come to start actually building stuff. Although we did get bogged down in some hardcore geometry (Alright it isn’t that hardcore, I’m just rusty ok?) today, eventually I tossed it into the too-hard-for-right-now basket and moved on to the server application.

The server app sits behind a collection of WCF services but owing to the contract-based nature of WCF my service code doesn’t even need to be aware of the fact that it’s exposed over the web. This is great as it means that I get to test-drive the design.

Going the TDD route and starting in the middle like this ensures that:

  1. We’re not going to end up with some hideously deformed API to call from our client code AND
  2. We’re driving out service interfaces for the back-end code ensuring that we only build just enough to satisfy the need of the client AND
  3. We can easily run fake clients which can call the service directly without having to go over the wire.
Tomorrow I think I’ll start by writing some fake services to sit behind our main API service so that Jarred can more easily write clients against it.

CruiseControl is still going strong. We are up to build label 18 (You get one for each successful build) and we have a non-trivial collection of unit tests passing on every build.

Time remaining: 156 Hours 38 Minutes

That’s nearly the end of the first quarter :o

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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