Devsta D-Day: Tag. You’re it

Well, we finally managed to get our submission for Devsta in. It’s 20 passed four in the morning so I’m just going to link to our submission page for now and I’ll write a real post about it tomorrow.

Very many thanks to Jarred who abstracted Virtual Earth and Compact Framework away from me nicely and allowed me to concentrate on just the server side of things. Thanks a heap buddy. I promise that I might not sell your liver in Vegas.

I feel like I’ve won an academy award, thanking people, but I have to quickly mention my wife, Barbara, who has been pretty supportive of me disappearing for hours (sometimes days) in an effort to see this competition through. Especially since it fell neatly onto the first week of the school holidays, the Perth Royal Show and our sons 3rd Birthday. Amore Sempre Barbie.

Sleep now.

Time Remaining: 9 Hours 49 Minutes

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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