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Last Thursday I presented in the Perth .NET Community of Practice December DevJam event. I won 1st place potentially by pulling the sympathy vote as apparently I looked pretty much how I felt which was very unwell. I spoke about constructing an architecture that relied on Convention over Configuration, The DRY Principle and a Maintainable Continuum. The example that I gave is called Ozmosis and it is available on Github (if you’ve never used GIT before there is a download link for the source code package up there as well).

The idea is to get app building right down to the simplest thing possible (in this case writing an entity in the right namespace) but leave the architecture extensible enough that you can override any of the default behaviours to provide a more customized experience.

This is in no way a real product or architecture and I don’t recommend anyone goes out and bases their enterprise on this code. It’s more of an idea of how things could be done. I’d really appreciate any feedback.

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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