Crank v0.2

Earlier this week Crank made it's second release. If you missed it Crank, a tool for rapid prototyping of data models, launched a couple of weeks ago.

New features include Optional and Required modifiers for fields, Natural Keys, Named Artificial Keys and Composite Keys. Also the way Link Tables are generated has now been changed so that they no longer get artificial keys by default (although you can add them).

Also included in the binary and source version is an example that I hope to be discussing here on the blog. As a quick taste, the Library sample includes this little section of code:


Book <- { *ISBN13 } CHAR(13)
<- { Title } NVARCHAR(100)
Member <- { FirstName, LastName } NVARCHAR(25)
<- { Email } NVARCHAR(100)
Loan <- { BeginDate, EndDate?, DueDate } DATETIME
Books <> {Loans} Members

When this is run through Crank you get 65 lines of SQL. As I don't want to bore people with the details of SQL (after all that is what Crank is for) here is a diagram of what you get out of it:

Crank 0.2
Posted by: Mike Minutillo
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