Crank gets a rewrite

My Open Source Project Crank has just reached version 0.3. This version is a complete architectural rewrite and now requires .NET 3.5. New features include
  • Link Optionality
  • Foreign Primary Key Attributes
  • Auto-named Attributes (along with the ability to stop this from happening)
  • Entity Aggregation (comma operator)
  • Special "All" Entity which is an aggregation of all entities in a project

The preparser has also been beefed up allowing you to:

  • Control the pluralization rules for a project
  • Create Type and Entity Aliases

As always feedback is highly welcome and now seems like a good time to actually write a tutorial on how to use it

You can grab the release by from the Crank 0.3 Release page.

Posted by: Mike Minutillo
Last revised: 27 May, 2011 02:42 PM History


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