Recently the Code52 guys had a Show and Tell week. I've been working on two tools that I wanted to show.

Code52 - Show and Tell


The first tool is a simple ETL tool called Forklift. It allows you to define a set of shapes/structures inside a SQL server database and then pull that data out. It does it using a giant (and probably inefficient SQL query) so I wouldn't do it to a production machine but it serves me pretty well in Test and Dev. It also allows you take an extract from Forklift and push that data into another database (assuming all of the requisite lookups are in place).

There's a few features not discussed in the video and I'll document them on the github project soon. In the meantime, check it out and tell me what you think.


The second tool is called Verifi and it is a Verification Engine for .NET. It's a little bit like a Unit Testing engine with a slightly different focus. I'm using it to check data conversion results on a current project.

This one is also on github but the easiest way to use it is the nuget package. I'm not convinced that it adds any real value over a Unit Testing engine like xUnit or MbUnit but I like it :)

This is the first time that I've used Camtasia and the experience was pretty positive. To be fair, I only really used it to record the screen and hit the publish to youtube button but even still the experience was a very positive one. Any faults in the production are probably mine ;)

If you think either of these tools is interesting or want to discuss my video-production skills please leave a comment

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