Becoming a better programmer for lazy people

Yesterday Mitch Wheat wrote a post along the become a better programmer in 6 months meme with some links to resources you might use. I was going to leave a quick comment there but after 12 seconds of not being able to figure that one out (they are disabled) I thought I'd add to it with my own post.

I love reading other people's source code and figuring out how things work but I am, at heart, a lazy person and I don't want to weed through CodePlex and SourceForge looking for the good stuff. I only want to read the quality stuff. One of the greatest resources for me in finding quality source code to read is to let someone I trust do it for me.

That person at the moment is Scott Hanselman who is publishing a weekly laundry list of source code he is reading. You can find the list here:

Duck-Typing, XML-RPC, OpenId, Blogging Engines, IMAP implementations. There is probably something here for absolutely anyone. If you get through all of that and are still bored I can highly recommend having a look at the Prototype JavaScript library. It has given me a far deeper understanding of just how cool and powerful JavaScript is (Reminds me of Ruby at times).

And Mitch, the Software Engineering department at Curtin University DO have a unit in which you need to participate in an open source project. I think it is a Tools and Metrics unit but unfortunately I never had the chance to take it. I'd take it a step further and have a unit on Source Control, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, and all of the other techniques and tools they don't teach you.
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