I am Mike Minutillo, a self described Indiscriminate Information Sponge working as a Software Architect at SMS Management & Technology. I am co-author of Professional Visual Studio 2010.

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Jan 5 2008

Crank gets a rewrite

My Open Source Project Crank has just reached version 0.3. This version is a complete architectural rewrite and now requires .NET 3.5. New features includeLink OptionalityForeign Primary Key Attri...

Dec 31 2007


I was just reading Nick Hodge's New Year Resolutions and I was inspired to write my own.Spend more time with my family (Atomic and Extended). Life can be busy sometimes but these people matter to ...

Dec 24 2007

Tools Roundup: Portable Edition

Is your computer so bogged down with software you rarely use that it takes several minutes to boot? Have you ever sat down at a friends computer and been missing your favorite piece of software? I...

Dec 10 2007


How many TLAs is that? The Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview has been released. This includes the CTP of the Model-View-Controller framework which I personally have been looking forward to....

Dec 5 2007

Tools Roundup: Mouse Edition

I did promise a showdown between ReSharper and CodeRush by the end of November but I haven't really had the chance to give ReSharper a fair go yet. One of the reasons is that a lot of the work I h...

Dec 1 2007

Crank v0.2

Earlier this week Crank made it's second release. If you missed it Crank, a tool for rapid prototyping of data models, launched a couple of weeks ago.New features include Optional and Required mo...

Dec 1 2007

Sword and Laser

I have a confession to make. I am a big nerd. OK so now that I have that off of my chest I can reveal that I have just joined The Sword and Laser, the book club for sci-fi / fantasy nerds.I recent...

Nov 30 2007

The Spirit of Movember

Well Movember is apparently at it's close as suddenly I find myself abed with the flu. I wanted to take one final photo but I'm all glandy and I feel like rubbish. So instead, here is a video of m...

Nov 20 2007

Foundations of F# [Book Review]

Title: Foundations of F#Publisher: APressAuthor: Robert PickeringA book which tries to teach a programming language from scratch cannot be an easy thing to write. When the book focuses on a langua...

Nov 12 2007

Open Source Project: Crank

After reading The ASP.NET Anthology I was inspired to try out SubSonic. I liked it but I didn't have a data model just lying around to play with. I could get massive productivity gains once I had ...

Nov 9 2007

Day 9 - Feeling Fine

Please donate generously.Also, I have updated my blog a little to include a toolbox from windevpowertools.com and stalking aids from twitter and facebook.Have fun :)

Nov 6 2007

The ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology [Book Review]

Title: The ASP.NET 2.0 AnthologySubtitle: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & HacksPublisher: SitePointAuthors:Scott Allen Jeff Atwood Wyatt Barnett Jon Galloway Phil Haack Who would like an expert sitt...

Nov 5 2007

.NET 3.5 hits the wall

I was just thinking to myself the other day, "You know what .NET is sorely lacking? A huge poster showing me all of the classes I might like to use." Well no longer.Paul Andrew (or Andrew Paul, tw...

Nov 1 2007

Pragmatic Unit Testing [Book review]

Title: Pragmatic Unit TestingSubtitle: In C# with NUnitSeries: The Pragmatic Starter Kit – Volume IIEdition: 2nd – Covers NUnit 2.4Publisher: The Pragmatic ProgrammersAuthors:Andrew HuntDavid Thom...

Nov 1 2007

Please help make a difference

That's right I'm growing a mo. Why, because I want to help make a difference to men's health and help fight male depression and prostate cancer.YOU can make a difference. All you need to do to hel...

Oct 28 2007

Podcamp Perth

Yesterday was PodCamp Perth, an (un)Conference about new media (blogging, podcasting, social networking, etc. ) and despite undergoing surgery on Friday afternoon I was determined to attend. Besid...

Oct 15 2007

Evaluating CodeRush

A while back I went on a productivity tool bender and installed and trialled everything I could get a hold of (I wonder why). It's been a lot of fun and soon I'll need to post a list of what I tri...

Sep 26 2007

Ruby and the Zen of every-day monotony

I have been pushing the Ruby language onto people for years now, trying to get them to use it for those little day-to-day tasks which just need to get done. Although Ruby on Rails has gained the R...

Sep 21 2007

Windows Developer Power Tools. James Avery and Jim Holmes. O'Reilly (Book Review)

Until reading this book, I did not realize how much productivity I stood to gain.When I first agreed to review this book I didn't know what I was really getting into. I expected a brief catalog of...

Sep 20 2007

If something is worth doing...

Earlier this year Jeff Atwood over at codinghorror wrote a post entitled Why Can't Programmers...Program? It was an interesting article detailing outlining some serious issues with the Software De...

Sep 11 2007

Becoming a better programmer for lazy people

Yesterday Mitch Wheat wrote a post along the become a better programmer in 6 months meme with some links to resources you might use. I was going to leave a quick comment there but after 12 second...

Aug 17 2007

If you only learn one new language this year...

Those who've known me for a while will recognize that I'm a bit of a language nerd. I wrote my first program in Amstrad BASIC, messed about with CP/M Assembly, taught myself Borlands TurboC, Turbo...

Aug 3 2007

Got Bandwidth?

I did email the original artist requesting an in-place re-posting of this comic on my blog but as I've had no response I'm just going to post the link. I think it says it all really. http://www.ca...

Jul 27 2007

Stuff I couldn't live without

OK so Brian has pinged me with this thing so I guess I'd better respond. For a number of reasons I have been thinking about it all day. Reason the 1st: I'm pretty sure I can't post a blog post fr...

Jul 26 2007

My Third Place keeps Moving

This is yet another comment which got long enough to be a post on its own. This one is in regards to Scott Hanselman’s post entitled The Developer Theory Of The Third Place. It got me thinking abo...

Jun 28 2007

Open Source Bonanza

Wow. Yesterday Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror wrote a post indicating that he and Microsoft would be donating cash to the .NET Open Source Community. Since then 150 or so people have left comments r...

Jun 27 2007

The chain of giving starts with Microsoft

I was very interested to see this article today over at Coding Horror. As Jeff Atwood has decided to start advertising on his blog he is going to donate money to Open Source projects. Not only tha...

Jun 26 2007

...What Sundays Threw Up

Mondays is back with episode #70. Honestly I didn't think they'd have the stamina after the amazing episode #69. They won't ever let that play again. Stellar performances all around. Have a listen...

May 17 2007

A new day has dawned

Today I join the ranks of the elite. The few, the proud...The ranks of people who have successfully installed Visual Studio codename 'Orcas'. It took a few go's, a couple of restarts, some seeming...

May 8 2007


That title might take some explanation. It is actually the subject line of an email we will be sending out to clients this afternoon for a fund-raising event. NGIS founder Paul Harris (ultimately ...

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