I am Mike Minutillo, a self described Indiscriminate Information Sponge working as a Software Architect at SMS Management & Technology. I am co-author of Professional Visual Studio 2010.

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Apr 19 2009

Book Review: CLR via C# (2nd Ed)

Once in a while you come across book that you wish you had read earlier in your career but recognise that you probably would not have been able to take advantage of it without many years of exper...

Apr 1 2009

Perth ALT.NET April - Test Driven Dojo

Next week is the 3rd meeting of the Perth ALT.NET group. For this meeting we thought we'd host an event where anyone can come along and participate. Specifically, we are having a Coding Dojo.A Cod...

Mar 25 2009

CCD Red Degree Principle - Keep it simple, Stupid (KISS)

The last principle in the Red Degree is the also the one that I struggle the most with. Keep it simple Stupid (KISS) is an old saying and it is good advice in a number of situations. It basically ...

Mar 21 2009

MIXing it up

I have met so many people here at MIX I have totally lost track. If you are in the same boat then you might appreciate the following list. It is an unique list of the authors of the most recent 15...

Mar 9 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Apply Simple Refactorings

Refactoring is a term that was popularised by Martin Fowler in his book Refactoring: Improving the Design of existing Code. To Refactor a piece of code you make changes to it which improve it but ...

Mar 9 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - Beware of Optimizations!

Have you ever written some code that you suspected was inefficient? How about code that was ridiculously efficient but difficult to understand? Knuth (or possibly Hoare or Djikstra) once stated th...

Feb 24 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - Root Cause Analysis

I received a package today that contained 6 coloured rubber-bands courtesy of the guys at http://clean-code-developer.de. It felt bad to shake out the contents of that bag and still be putting on ...

Feb 13 2009

Master of all I can see. At least on this page

Have you ever needed to get access to every control in a page hierarchy when using ASP.NET. I have. In fact, I need to do this a lot. I got a little sick of rewriting the same bit of code over and...

Feb 13 2009

First Perth ALT.NET Meeting was a success

Thanks to everyone that attended the very first Perth ALT.NET Meeting was a big success. I have written up a quick summary, some resources for the ALT.NET person and some news. Congrats to Mitch f...

Feb 10 2009

Western Digital makes me happy

Given Ayende's recent issues with a software vendor, I thought I'd share a story about a good experience that I had recently with a hardware vendor. When I was ready to install Windows Vista for ...

Feb 8 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Version Control

A few years back I was working in a shop that was producing software but was not really a software shop. We were a communications studio (which is like being a marketing firm but broader in scope)...

Feb 2 2009

CCD Red Degree Rule - The Boy Scout Rule

Writing clean code the first time just isn't enough. You have to work to maintain that cleanliness. The Boy Scouts of America have a rule that we can borrow and apply to software engineering. It s...

Jan 27 2009

CCD Red Degree Practice - Daily Reflection

The first Practice of the Red Degree is also one of the most important in the whole Clean Code Developer system. It is the practice of Daily Reflection. If you intend to succeed at anything you ne...

Jan 21 2009

Lightning Tour of Sydney

It seems like due to some mystical error I get to spend 13.5 hours in Sydney this Friday. Nine and a half of those hours I'll be at the Microsoft Offices and I'm banking on 1 hour in transit betwe...

Jan 21 2009

CCD Red Degree Principle - Staying DRY

The first Clean Code Developer Red Grade Principle is DRY. I first saw the DRY principle stated in the book The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yo...

Jan 19 2009

Clean Code Developer Grades - Black Degree

All in all it took me 10 years to earn my Computer Science degree. I am very glad that I did it but I am sad to say that I learned only a few things that would help me to write production quality ...

Jan 14 2009

Calling Perth .NET Practitioners

Are you the type of developer who uses what works while keeping an eye out for a better way? Do you reach outside the mainstream to adopt the best of any community: Open Source, Agile, Java, Ruby,...

Jan 13 2009

Petition to have Copy and Paste removed from Visual Studio

Well, it's a new year and I have several crazy projects planned for 2009. Crazy Project #1 is well underway and I hope to be able to say more about it soon. Watch this space. With the new year, th...

Nov 27 2008

Turbulence on CodePlex

Towards the beginning of last month (was it only a month ago?) Jarred and I won the Devsta competition with a game called Turbulence. I received an email yesterday telling me that if I didn't pub...

Nov 19 2008

The Wii Solutions Centre

Our office social club purchased a Nintendo Wii last Friday. Members of the social club (which costs $10/month) may play any time that they are not otherwise working (i.e. Lunch-time, during a cof...

Nov 19 2008

C# 3.0 Feature of the Day: Dictionary Initialisation

Today I found myself needing to write a simple property that scrapes all of the values off of the form and returns them as a dictionary (keyed by the field name). Here is the C# 2.0 way of doing t...

Nov 15 2008

Mind-expanding boredom-busters

I have lost this link a few times because I never remember which site it is on or what the title is so I'll leave it here: Award Annals - Honor roll: Scince Fiction Authors It is a list of 268 (...

Nov 14 2008

Cleaning up my bookshelf

Recently I've been cleaning out my bookshelf and getting rid of the stuff that I never open. If any of the following sound good to you and you are here in Perth then flick me an email and you can ...

Nov 10 2008

Unity v1.2 - Now with method interception

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the latest Unity release (1.2) has facilities for doing method-level inception so I decided to have a play. If you haven't seen it before, method-level interc...

Oct 31 2008

Devsta Interview Podcast

The day after we were contacted for the Devsta win Jarred and I had a quick video interview with Andrew Parsons of the Microsoft DPE team (as he just happened to be in our part of the country). Wh...

Oct 29 2008

Simple MVP with generics

After a harrowing experience with a complicated web framework (WCSF**) I have recently been through the process of helping people to understand a simple form of the Model View Presenter pattern in...

Oct 27 2008

New books in the Perth .NET Community of Practice Public Library

Late last week I added three new books to the Perth .NET Community of Practice Public Library. Click on the title to see it in our library site. Details are as follows: Programming Microsoft Comp...

Oct 23 2008

Linq Repositories, Lifetime Manaqement and Unity

A while back I posted about the MvcSupportFacility and alluded to a future post about abstracting away LinqToSql so that your application doesn’t need to be aware that it is talking to LinqToSql a...

Oct 23 2008

Wanna bet?

As I guess the cat is well and truly out of the bag now I can say that: Jarred and I are going to Vegas :D. Jarred and I won the top prize in the Devsta Challenge 2008 competition with Turbul...

Oct 8 2008

SideHoff FTW

Now that the Devsta competition is finally over we can reveal just what we have been working on the whole time. Introducing: SideHoff SideHoff is a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget which displays...

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