I am Mike Minutillo, a self described Indiscriminate Information Sponge working as a Software Architect at SMS Management & Technology. I am co-author of Professional Visual Studio 2010.

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Recent Posts

Jan 30 2015

Introducing ArchitectureScript

Once I was sold on the C4 concept it was only a matter of time before I tried to build a DSL that targets it's abstractions.

Jan 29 2015

Getting Started with C4

A brief description of the C4 architectural mode and how to get started with it.

Dec 10 2013

Poor Man's Profiling

A small utility class that makes collecting execution speed information a breeze.

Sep 1 2012

AuTechEd 2012 session schedule

Last year at TechEd I wrote a small MVC app to keep track of what was happening in each room. Here's the 2012 edition.

May 5 2012

Code52 - Show and Tell

Two quick videos introducing Forklift and Verifi - two projects I have worked on in my spare time recently.

Mar 30 2012

MVC4 Perth CoP Presentation Thursday 5th

I'll be presenting at the Perth .NET Community of Practice on ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta stuff on Thursday, 5th April

Jan 5 2012

Free Programmer Training

I went on a quest to find free video training for .NET developers (and others). Here is what I found

Sep 16 2011

Spinning up a "Demo" Instance of VS2010

Creating separate settings profiles in Visual Studio 2010 for demonstration purposes

Sep 9 2011


September 2011 I got to go to my first TechEd ever. Here are my thoughts and expierences.

Aug 30 2011

#AuTechEd 2011 Room Schedule

Using the OData session info to improve my #auteched experience

Jun 22 2011

My take on convention-based configuration for Autofac

Constructing settings classes that get read out of AppSettings on demand

Jun 3 2011

Magical.Trevor - An MVVM sample for WinForms

At last years DevJam event I presented an MVVM framework in WinForms. Here, finally, is the source code.

May 28 2011

Hello World (Take 2)

Thoughts on personal brand management, domains and blogging engines.

May 27 2011

MVC3: Filter Order Redux

Two points that I didn’t mention before about the Filter class and how filters are ordered.

May 19 2011

MVC3: Filters

In the last MVC post we looked at Filter Providers but didn’t really describe what filters were.

May 13 2011

Where Am I: A Visual Studio 2010 Extension

One of the pieces of information that I always seem to want to know when I’m coding is the full path of the file I’m currently editing.

May 11 2011


The final demo that I gave at the Perth .NET Community of Practice last week was creating a filter provider (code below).

May 6 2011

The Web Stack of Love

Thanks to everyone who attended my session at the Perth .NET Community of Practice last night.

Apr 16 2011

Sensitive Configuration and AppHarbor

Recently I’ve been developing an application for my own personal use and I’ve been hosting it on AppHarbor.

Jul 30 2010

my (magic unicorns) technology stack

David Burela has asked the community to open our toolbox and reveal our technology stack. Instead of talking about my current stack I'm going to list the tools that I'd like to be using:Framework:...

Jun 4 2010

Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I do it to learn. To wind down. To zone out. To have fun. I do it while I’m cleaning the house, doing the dishes, hanging up washing, sitting on the train. A few fol...

Apr 24 2010

Life is hectic

Here’s what has been going on: I co-wrote a book It’s called Professional Visual Studio 2010 and it is being published by Wrox Press. It’s a great desktop reference for all things VS2010 startin...

Dec 8 2009

Develop by Ozmosis

Last Thursday I presented in the Perth .NET Community of Practice December DevJam event. I won 1st place potentially by pulling the sympathy vote as apparently I looked pretty much how I felt whic...

Oct 28 2009

Syntactic Sugar – Scopes

Have you ever had a scenario where you needed to temporarily change some value for the duration of an operation?

Sep 26 2009

Synchronization != Backup

Richard wrote a good post about using Live Mesh with KeePass to make password management a breeze. I’ve been doing something similar for a while with OneNote (keeping all of my notes on all of my ...

Jun 18 2009

CCD Red Degree Retrospective

Before I get back into the Clean Code Developer series of posts here is a quick recap of the Red Band.

Jun 2 2009

we have no class (a personal journey of not learning OO)

Disclaimer – this is a commentary about the state of the industry not about my specific place of employment. If it were, I’d have quit and found another job already. I haven’t, therefore it isn’t....

May 27 2009

Learne ye crafte

I had the dubious honour yesterday of reviewing some code. If you’d been watching you’d have seen that WTFs per minute metric was pretty high

May 17 2009

BDD has me out of my Gourd with NGourd

As it seems that there is a buzz generating around NGourd on Twitter I figured I really should write a blog post about it. A few weeks ago there was an OzVAN session on Behaviour Driven Developmen...

May 6 2009

Method hiding, stack trace manipulation and programmatic debuggery

3 Strange Techniques that helped me when working on a project

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